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Lakhpat Fort

Today it is sparsely populated Ghost town, a city of ruins of buildings and a magnificent fort surrounding them. Historically it has been very important trading post connecting Gujarat to Sindh. The waters of Sindhu river used to flow into Lakhpat and further onto Deshalpar (Gunthli). The 7 km long fort walls was erected by Jamadar Fateh Muhammed in 1801. After the earthquake of 1819 a natural dam known as the Allahbund was formed, Indus river changed its course of flow and started flowing into the Arabian sea further north. Thus Lakhpat lost its importance as a port.

During the period of Muslim invasion, the Khudabadi Sonara Community and other Hindus who had not converted to Islam under the Ghaznavids moved to VighoKot and Lakhpat (in Kutch) around 1028 AD, to avoid genocide at the hands of the invading Muslims and to live peacefully under Hindu Samma rulers

Places of there are Sayyed Pir Shah Dargah has nine-domed with intricate carvings. Nani Mai Dargah, Hatkeshwar Temple amongst others in the old town are reminisces of the glorious past. Lakhpat Gurudwara Sahib is a religious place for the Sikhs. It is believed that Guru Nanak on his way to Mecca for Haj stayed over here. This Gurdwara have his relics like footwear and palkhi. They are worshiped by the Udasi Sect. The Gurudwara is declared a protected monument by the state archeological department and has won the UNESCO award for restoration after the earthquake