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To create an aesthetic place to live which also provide shelter from extreme seasons the Bhunga an circular place 10 meter daimeter built with Mad Weed Matti. The traditional Bhunga is an engineering wonder. The thickness of that wall keeps cool in summer. The clay floorscape arranged in varied levels of pliriths and platforms gradually rise vertically to form the walls of circular house. The roof was made out from grass. Halajee who migrated from sindha is believed to start this type of Bhunga 300 Years ago. Marwada also come and settle in this area known as a "Banni". 'Banni' Area have about 3847 sq. km., 34 villages

Visiting artists homes and shops. Evening at White Desert. Life styles of Rabari Mutava to observe. Staying one day will give a life time experience with veg. food.
The traditional round 'Bhungas' (mud huts) that stood firm when everything else collapsed around them could once again dot the quake-ravaged Kutch district of Gujarat

A few magnificent 'Bhungas' that remained in the marshy Banni area after its residents went in for “modern'' houses are being looked upon as an 'engineering wonder'.